Financial Managament & Accounting

By implementing the Organisation Finance Management System you will be able to manage your finances and accounts more competently at operative and project level.
The financial report summarises your income and costs over a certain period of time by cost categories, accounts and accounting journals.


Organisation Expenses

Managing your expenses at the project level but also at organisation level provides you with detailed and real-time insight into your organisation's finances.
You can associate account for each expense category for automated accounting.

Petty Cash

Manage your cash receipting based on the entry type (debited/credited), employees, expenses category, linked account and balance for receiving detailed petty cash register reports.

Fixed Assets

Use the integrated fixed assets register to have real-time information on all categories of fixed asset.
Search for fixed assets by employee, funding source and project and receive information on price, purchase date, project code, amortisation/depreciation and debited/credited account.

Chart of Accounts

You can create custom tree-view of all accounts and subaccounts for your organisation.
The system provides information on your assets, liabilities, income, expenses and other needed data.

Accounting Entry

You don't need to be accountant to understand the financial processes of your organisation.
With the accounting module, each financial activity creates accounting entry in the general ledger that includes transaction date, amount, description, affected accounts, journal and other information.

General Ledger

The general ledger and the accounts balance report (for each account and sub-account) act together as central data warehouse for financial entries from other modules in the system.
The system easily produces various accounting books and records and financial statements by period.


Be always on track with your organisation's activities with the auto generated visual expenses reports and analysis.
They are provided by expense category and period at operating and project level and can be exported in PDF and Excel.


Find out how this tool will help you to improve your financial management!