Online Grants Management, an online grants management software that digitalizes, accelerates and simplifies the complete lifecycle of the grant program management.
Specifically made for those that provide grant funding and supports access of multiple types of users with different access levels depending on their role: donor organization members, evaluators, evaluation panel members, applicants, grantees etc.

OnProject is an end-to-end solution customized to your specific needs composed of 3 main sections:

Donor Portal

Enables to create and publish grants and open calls, track the application process, evaluate, negotiate and award received applications, monitor project implementation of the granted projects, generate visual reports per specific indicator/s.


Number of calls (open/closed), number of submitted and approved projects
Total budget per call
Applications Pie chart – Total awarded and declined
Submitted applications by country, type of organisation, partners etc as pie chart
Submitted, awarded and declined application by country as bar chart
Other custom reports

Programmes & Calls Management

List of open and closed calls with indicators on the number of currently created and submitted applications, current phase of the call and evaluation progress per current phase.
Create a new call (programme, call code/name, description, deadline etc.) and assign previously created application form for that call.

Applications Management

Preview of the received applications per call grouped by the evaluation phase
Assign evaluators or group of evaluators per phase.
Evaluators have access only to the applications assigned to them and the specific forms/grids to be used for assessing the application based on the provided criteria by the donor.


The application is evaluated by the assigned evaluator(s) that depending on the phase have different access to the application data, previous score/points and assessment etc.
Includes reviews, approvals and rejections at different management levels


List of the best ranked project proposals per phase for the current call, per country and status of the applications per phase (passed/declined).

Applications are ranked based on the average points/score received by the evaluators per phase.


Bar Chart Diagram per applicant's country. The bar chart shows the number of applications that have passed per country and per phase.
Other custom reports based on client's needs.

Grantees Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the granted projects (tracking activities, expenses, documents, reports etc)
Access to the granted projects (only view access) for audit and consultation by mentors or evaluators.


Organization data, Users management, Define User Roles & permissions , Application Form Setup, Evaluation Criteria Setup, Logs.
Design of custom application forms and sections based on the programme needs.


Applicant Portal

Enables online preparation and submission of the project proposals by the applicant organisations, tracking of the evaluation status and communication with the donor, together with history of submitted applications.
The application form, documentation and call rules are directly integrated and available in digital form in the Applicant Portal.
Open Calls

List of open calls with call description, criteria, deadline and other relevant information
Link to start preparing project application

My Applications

My applications section provides option to create new project application for the open call(s) and gives preview of all created applications.

Application Preparation

Applicants complete and store their application form online, therefore there is nothing to be saved to their computer. Each application section is validated based on specific criteria.
Applicants can save their progress and return to complete their application at a later time or date.

Evaluation Timeline

Complete preview of the current status of the submitted application in form of timeline.
During the evaluation process, automated emails are sent to inform applicants about the status of their application.


Grantee Portal

Enables complete online project management by the grantees, including project activities, tasks, budget, project documentation per type, project-related expenses and documentation proof of expense management, visual and tabular financial reports, generate periodical and financial reports based on donor template.

Project Management

Management of granted project: general project information, lead applicant, partners, user accesses, project team, installments, bank accounts etc.
Team work and project sharing with different project roles and access rights.

Activities & Tasks

Timeline of the project activities with colorful preview per status, activity leader, participants, responsible person, location.
Tasks assignment per activity and participants, deadline reminder emails, different preview types (Gantt Chart, Calendar, Timeline and Agenda).

Budget & Allocation

Dynamic budget items and categories management with Gantt Chart view. Budget items can be associated with activity and timeframe.
Grantees can create budget versions and allocate budget per period.

Project Expenses

Accurate and effective management of the project-related expenses.
Each expense is associated with budget item, supplier, period, activity, exchange rate, invoice etc.
Provide proof of expense by linking expense with supporting documents.

Project Documents

Multi-level documents management per project activity, document type, partner, period, related expenses etc.
Additional privacy protection by assigning access rights per document.
Documents can be uploaded from PC, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or created online (Google Docs integration).


Budget and expenses analysis
(budgeted, spent and remaining amount and quantities).
Export of financial reports (interim and final) and report on expenses with supporting documents.
Customization of the reporting for export in template format specific for the grant programme.


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