For the grantmakers or implementors that disburse grants:

Flexibility for the call design and implementation

Everything is done online and with digital forms, including project budget and activity timeline. The project proposal preparation is done online, administrative check is 90% done automaticly.

Integrates call/program/donor rules

The evaluation process is accelerated and simplified, eligibility/administrative checks are done automatically with the project preparation and application.

Real-time analysis of project preparation

OnProject provides real-time analysis of project preparation progress during the application phase to improve quality and number of submitted applications.

Simplifies and accelerates the decision-making process

Simplifies, accelerates and makes more transparent the decision-making process with real-time monitoring and analysis of all evaluation phases. Proposals assessment is done online with integrated evaluation grid per phase

Improve your grantmaking process

OnProject helps you improve your grantmaking process by providing detailed visual reports (created, submitted, approved, applied projects per topic/type of organization, etc.)

Real-time monitoring of the project implementation

Provides real-time monitoring of the grantee project implementation, helping the grantees to solve problems timely. (direct preview-only access to all project sections and reports).

OnProject is also great for Applicants and Grantees.

For the Applicants allows:

Flexible and timely preparation and submission of proposals

Everything is done online, no need to attach excel/word documents

Automated validation of call rules

Automated validation of call rules fulfillment during application phase

Tracking status and negotiation if shortlisted

Tracking status of submitted project proposals and Online negotiation if shortlisted

For the Grantee provides:

Online project management

budget and expenses tracking, control and monitoring of activities, tasks with reminders, documents digitalization and organization, synchronized work of the project team and partnership, collaboration on-premises and remotely

Automated reporting

Automated reporting with integrated templates (financial and narrative reports), rules, and additional features specific to the donor programme.

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