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Implementing grant project management through collaboration tools

In the dynamic world of NGOs, collaboration is the heartbeat of successful grant projects. Collaboration can be streamlined to enhance productivity and foster a spirit of teamwork. And that’s where project collaboration tools…

Top pros and cons of every major project management software out there

Project management becomes a daunting task for NGOs, once they hit a certain threshold of projects, donors, and stakeholders. No wonder, many grantees turn to project management software at some point. Many tools…

Overview of grant reporting requirements

Grant reporting in the Western Balkans is transforming, with a growing emphasis on digital solutions. Are you curious about the current landscape of grant reporting and the evolving regulatory standards and expectations in…

Enhance your project’s post-award grant compliance with grant management software

In the dynamic world of grant management, ensuring compliance in the post-award phase is a measure of long-term success. Furthermore, it builds the institution's sustainability of grant-funded projects. 

onProject helps you bridge the donor-grantee trust gap

Having potential donors' trust is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! You want to depict your organization as one with robust capacity building and ensuring transparency. There are a few factors to consider that act as a bridge…

How is Grant Management Different From Project Management

Ever run a project funded by a grant? It can feel like a juggling act! You need to spend the money wisely, hit your goals, and keep everyone happy: the people who gave…

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onProject - Delivering simplicity in grant management and monitoring

onProject is a post-award grant management platform that facilitates smooth administrative and financial implementation of grant-funded projects.
Additionally, it offers partners matchmaking for various funding programmes.
Learn more about onProject's features by watching the video.

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