Questions & Answers

  • Getting started with onProject

    Signing up for onProject is quick and easy.

    Just click on the login button and fill out the simple registration form.

  • How do I choose a plan?

    We offer a variety of plans based on the number of users, not projects or features.

    Choose the best plan by considering the number of users who will need access to your projects.

  • Do you provide training?

    We have created video tutorials for each module and feature in onProject.

    Additionally, you can sign up for our monthly group demo presentation by completing the online form.

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes, you can. Even if you decide to cancel, you can still access your existing project data on onProject,

    although you won't be able to add new projects or users.

  • How will I benefit from OnProject?

    Your time, knowledge, and resources will be limited as you start implementing multiple or bigger grant financed projects, especially if they last for a couple of years. As your project volume grows, so do your responsibilities, tasks, expenses, and even the number of people you work with. You need to focus on project impact and leverage what you are good at, but a million other things also need to be done. How? This is where OnProject for grant project management comes in. Here are some areas that can be drastically improved with the use of OnProject for grant project management:

    Collaboration & Communication - OnProject for grant project management offers a more interactive collaboration than emails and spreadsheets. You will be able to assign tasks and keep track of the project from beginning to end. Team members do not have to check their inbox every second or hear from someone that they have not received it yet. Instead, everyone can communicate in real-time to provide feedback, questions, or any other concerns. In addition, file sharing and documentation management become easier and more secure.

    Budget and Expenses Control - Using OnProject for grant project management can also help prevent expenses from getting out of hand. It comes with features like budget tracking, expense management, link documents proof of expense, financial reporting especially tracking budgeted vs spent, and more.

    Resource Planning - The right project management tool can also help effectively manage and allocate resources, whether team members, equipment, assets, or funding. Some software has a dashboard that lets you visualise and monitor these resources for availability, utilisation, and cost.

    Transparency & Accountability - Using OnProject for grant project management can also help promote transparency, trust, accountability, and a sense of responsibility among team members. When they understand their roles and what is expected of them and are aware of the deadlines, each member will be able to perform better. Besides, there's nothing more motivating than seeing your peers work hard toward a common goal.

  • Is OnProject the right tool for me?

    Let us answer for you the following questions:

    Will it improve your current workflow?

    Yes, OnProject for grant project management is a centralised system that enables you to manage the whole grant project cycle from one place and for multiple projects at the same time by lowering your need for multiple resources. 

    Will it enable better collaboration and communication within the team?

    Yes, OnProject for grant project management manages all your work in one place. All project data input and sharing is done from the same place meaning the project team can keep track of project activities, tasks and documents in real time resulting in better communication and respecting deadlines. It offers centralised communication without multiple emails and spreadsheets sharing. Everyone can communicate in real-time to provide feedback, questions, or any other concerns.

  • Is it easy to use?

    Will everyone be able to use it consistently and not drop it after just a few months?

    OnProject for grant project management has a user-friendly interface for easy adoption and is tailored to your needs for smooth implementation of the grant-funded projects.

  • Will it integrate with other tools?

    We have designed onProject to function as a tool that has the built-in majority of the functionalities that you need for successful grant-funded project management including activities and tasks management, budget and finances management, tracking expenses and linking documents proof of expense, structural project documentation upload and classification. It enables detailed administrative and financial management of your projects without the need to integrate third-party tools. 

    Features included:

    • Team collaboration
    • Centralized communication
    • Tasking and deadline reminders
    • Project budgeting
    • Resource allocation
    • Expenses tracking
    • Real-time reporting
    • Online document management system that is completely user-friendly
    • Ability to share and preview project documentation by the project team from one centralized place.
  • Does it have a reporting feature?

    OnProject for grant project management comes with multiple reporting features and complete visualisation of your project finances, enabling real-time tracking and reporting of the budgeted vs spent vs remaining resources. 

  • Is it scalable?

    OnProject for grant project management is a SaaS platform that is completely scalable and constantly improved and upgraded with new features. We hear your needs and implement them with priority into the system.

  • How much does it cost? Can we afford it?

    We offer multiple packages from which you can select the most suitable without feeling any financial burden.

    We have designed them so everyone can afford to become part of the OnProject’s user family.

Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us.

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