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Flawless grant management

is empowered by a suite of features flawlessly integrated in onProject.

Each feature is tailored based on the feedback and integrations required from grantmakers, companies, CSOs, institutions, consulting agencies, and other organisations that use onProject as their main digital grant management tool.

Why onProject is the best grant management solution?

All the features that set us apart

Cloud-Based Solution

Access your work anytime, anywhere! Flexibility and efficiency in your operations is guaranteed with onProject.

User-Friendly Design

Seeking to experience an intuitive interface? We went steps ahead to simplify your workflow. Now grant management is a breeze.

Designed by grantees for grantees

The team behind onProject understands the core needs of Western Balkans grantees and donors, firsthand. We were where you are. That's why we created onProject to help you implement your projects smoothly.

Centralized workflow

With onProject, keeping everyone on the same page is easier than ever. Our built-in tools get project teams to collaborate quickly and simply. Every risk of miscommunication is mitigated by onProject's easy-to-use functionalities.

Specialised tool

Our platform simplifies grant and project management in the post-award phase. onProject is making it easier to manage funding from various sources. Moreover, it's not just about tasking but a comprehensive tool providing all functionalities needed for grant-funded project management.

Comprehensible reporting to partners and donors

Your team can generate easy to understand reports timely and accurate. Informed and well-done reports are the core of your funding so we programmed onProject to handle them with special care. Your grant donors will be delighted with the precision and efficiency of your reports!

Enhanced efficiency

onProject simplifies every step of the project management process from planning to execution. This powerful platform is designed to let you run your operations smoothly. A relaxed team and seamless efficiency allow you to focus on what matters most – your mission.

Deep Dive into onProject's Features and Benefits

Project Portfolio

Manage all your projects from one centralised place. Preview and search projects in progress and completed by using different filters such as title, year, programme, etc.

Project Info

Quick access to detailed project information such as programme, call, project team with contact info, partners, project installments, and exchange rate per installment. 

Assign project access permissions to users from your organisation or your partners/donor/auditor.


We use a Gantt chart to organise project activities and track their progress with different colors for each status.


Make your project team more productive and organised by assigning tasks and setting up reminders. With onProject all communication is centralised in one place. It helps you to meet deadlines and stay on track with your activities without the need to juggle multiple communication tools.

Project Budget

OnProject offers a detailed preview of your project budget in the form of a Gantt Chart. This includes both an overview of the project budget as a whole and a breakdown of the budget by partner, if applicable.

You can create multiple budget versions and compare them with easy-to-understand tabular preview.

The Budget Allocation functionality helps you stay organised and plan your spending per installment. This ensures that you have enough funding to complete each stage of your project successfully.

Expenses & Proof of expenses

With onProject, you can easily add and track expenses by budget item, supplier, and installment period.

You can also collect and organise documentation proof of expenses by directly linking them to the relevant expense/s.


Complete and organised project documentation is essential for successful project reporting.

onProject provides you with a document management module for uploading and organising your documentation by document type, activity, expenses period, and supplier.


onProject's reports are easily understandable by everyone. You can track your budgeted vs. spent money in real-time, which helps you make timely financial decisions and complete your project successfully.

The narrative reports module helps you provide information on the implemented activities and obtained results. This ensures that you can clearly communicate the progress of your project to all stakeholders.

Partners Matchmaking

Finding the right partners can be a challenging task when applying for a project.

At onProject, we understand this challenge and offer a unique feature called Partners Matchmaking.

This feature helps you find the right partners based on several factors, such as their years of experience, thematic areas of work, specific expertise, place of origin, and many other search options.

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